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CERTIFICATION for Consultant Trainers and Facilitators, Corporate Trainers and Coaches

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CircleSpring has a certification process that will give you as a facilitator and trainer the confidence and backing to offer the Ambio360™ process with your employees and clients. Because CircleSpring’s 360 assessment is different than anything available, you will benefit from the depth of content and the accessibility of the survey and online content.

Certification Program

Our online certification program fits your schedule and is flexible so you can fit it in with the daily demands on your time. You’ll learn to:

  • · Administer the program
  • · Prep the group
  • · Debrief users
  • · Coach users
  • · Monitor progress of users

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Our programs support you in bringing the very best opportunities for your team to learn interpersonal and leadership skills in a productive way.

Reasons to be a Certified Provider

As a certified provider, you can incorporate the Ambio360 Systems into your programs and develop teleseminars, webinars and other learning opportunities for your clients and employees. You can also bundle our webinar subscription series with your programs.

The Ambio360 online system is unique in its processes that facilitate change. As a certified provider, you are able to administer the processes as well as debrief and coach users. As a consultant, this gives you additional opportunities with your clients. As an employer, it saves you money and gives you control over the administration of the program.

Our thorough certification process insures that you and your participants will have a productive experience with the Ambio360™ System.

As a certified provider, you receive all of our presentations and materials that we use when we train people how to use the system. You receive supporting documentation that can readily be incorporated into your own training materials.

Here's what happens when you are a Certified Provider:

  • · You receive our system training presentations and materials for your use to train others
  • · You have your own account
  • · Access to our demo account
  • · We list you on our website as a Certified Provider, along with a link to your website or contact information
  • · We will provide documentation you need for CEUs
  • · You will be on our list of preferred trainers and facilitators

How to become certified

Becoming a Certified Ambio360™ System provider is a seven step process. Here are the steps in order:

  1.  Attend our Workshop #101: Ambio360 Certification
  2.  As prep for the workshop, complete your own Ambio360 to receive feedback.
  3.  Attend the workshop and complete all of the assignments.
  4.  Demonstrate that you can debrief a sample user's results with one of our trainers.
  5.  Demonstrate that you can lead a user through Work My Plan and the worksheets for improvement.
  6.  Facilitate a group of your choosing using the Ambio360™ System. At the completion of your session, participants will fill out an evaluation provided to you by us.
  7.  Send us the evaluations to review. Following review of evaluations, we will answer your questions and provide feedback on how you can maximize the experience for your clients.

Certification Costs

Certification training is $1000.00. Fees include:

  • · Your own Ambio360 Classic System passkey
  • · Ambio360 system training materials/presentations
  • · The actual training
  • · All evaluation of your skills (demonstrations and participant evaluations)

All fees are due at the beginning of the process.

Contact us to apply for certification.

Certified Partners

Cheryl Barksdale, PhD


Kathy Garland


Sharon Hoover

Marcia Walker


Contact us at 865-277-6800 for more information on CircleSpring’s Certification Process.

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