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CircleSpring LLC Privacy Policy

CircleSpring LLC is concerned about your privacy. If you have any questions about your privacy, please e-mail us at

Our registration form requests information that is required for you to be able to use the system. We ask for your name, address, gender and the name that you are called by the people who will be filling out your Ambio360 survey. We use your familiar name, gender and relationship to the respondent to compose your survey.

We are committed to maintaining your privacy. We will not send you unsolicited spam, advertisements, newsletters, or any e-mail that is not required to help you use the classrooms and the Ambio360 Assessment. You can expect an e-mail from the system alerting you that you have results. You will have the opportunity to opt-out of any other e-mails.

We will not sell or give out your e-mail address and/or personal information.

We do not put cookies on your machine.

We use a professional web hosting service that has standard security services to protect your information.

Credit card transactions occur on a secure third-party site. Information submitted for credit card processing is encrypted and is transacted over secure links. No credit card information is stored on CircleSpring LLC’s servers.

We will compile information for academic analysis to better refine questions and understand the phenomenon of 360 surveys. In this case, CircleSpring LLC prepares the data set. All personal information is stripped from the data so that there can be no identification of you with the system or the Ambio360 Assessment.

Effective Date: 2011 November 11

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