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Success Skills Training for Your Managers, Engineers and Program Managers

CircleSpring offers Success Skills Training for Engineers, Program Managers, Project Managers, IT Professionals and Managers, and Entry Level to Mid-level Managers.

We provide assessments and training that can help your team with

  • · personal skills
  • · interpersonal skills
  • · group skills

Success Skills Workshops

Reaching Agreements That Work >>

Selling in the Absence of Authority >>

Leadership for Program and Project Managers (what they don’t teach you in PMA training) >>

Leading Your Team for Front Line Supervisors>>

Other Courses >>

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Whether negotiating a deal, resolving a difference of opinion, making sense of conflicting criteria or discovering a way forward when there is no apparent good solution, reaching agreement between individuals and groups is essential for business success. Creating value for all parties ensures the success of negotiated agreements. Regardless of the context, there are proven strategies for creating value as well as reaching agreement. In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • · their preferred style and motivation when interacting with other people:
  • · how to interpret counterparts' style and motivation and
  • · strategies for structuring negotiations to create value for all parties.

Format: ½ day format, includes pre-workshop assessment; led by Elaine Seat, PhD, PE


Engineers, project and program managers are masters at using logic and rational arguments to prove their case and their solutions. Unfortunately, this is one of the most often used and least effective tactics for persuasion. One of the most important skills engineers can develop is how to use influence to accomplish positive results through others, especially in absence of the appropriate power or authority. There are proven approaches and tactics that can be learned to influence and persuade. In this workshop, participants will:

  • · understand influence tactics and their consequences
  • · learn how to construct effective ways to influence
  • · apply tactics to a real-world situation,

Format: ½ day format, includes pre-workshop assessment; led by Elaine Seat, PhD, PE

Leadership for Program and Project Managers (what they don't teach you in PMA training)

Successfully leading the programs and projects takes more than expertise at schedule, budgets and knowledge of the task. It takes real leadership skills to organize, inspire and direct people when you are not their boss. These skills enable getting things done while building a more talented team, getting beyond compromise to reaching agreements that really work and discovering creative solutions to existing problems. These program and project management leadership skills are the foundation necessary for having a growing impact on organizations and careers. Participants will:

  • · lean the importance of relationships and how to build them
  • · understand tactics that work based on their unique authority
  • · develop skills to empower their team for creativity and accountability

Format: 2 day format, includes pre-workshop assessment; led by Elaine Seat, PhD, PE

Leading Your Team for Front Line Supervisors

Front line supervisors are the face of the company. Often these supervisors are managing people that once were their peers or may have more experience. This workshop focuses on developing an understanding of what it means to lead, how to encourage employees to perform to their potential and how to have correct conversations when discipline is required. Participants will:

  • · understand the skills that supervisors need
  • · develop a system for encouraging their employees to improve
  • · develop a system for correcting problems and providing disciplinary action

Format: 1 day format, includes pre-workshop assessment; led by Elaine Seat, PhD, PE

Other Courses

  • On-Demand Creativity for Engineers
  • Time Management
  • Effective Delegation
  • Presenting Your Ideas so People Listen
  • Using Delegation to Motivate

Other Assessments We Offer

  • · MBTI™ (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • · LIFO™

CircleSpring offers learning and development programs to corporations and through strategic partners.

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