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USAF-SVAThe United States Air Force Services Agency uses the Ambio360™ Classic in training programs for new entry level managers at Air Force bases around the world. In addition, the Ambio360 Classic is used in Air Force leadership development courses. For the last 3 years, over 1200 Air Force employees have used the Ambio360™ system.

UTKThe State of Tennessee's Institute for Public Service uses the Ambio360 Classic in their Leadership Development programs for managers and high potential employees.

The Ambio360™ Classic is included in the leadership development curriculum for engineering and business undergraduates and MBA students. The Ambio360™ Classic is used in undergraduate and graduate courses and in non-credit executive programs aw well as in leadership development non-credit courses. Undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee who take the Ambio360 Classic frequently identify this experience of getting specific feedback as one of the most beneficial activities in their Management 331 course.

Boomer Inc Boomer Consulting is a client and strategic partner. They used the Ambio360 Classic with their employees and were so impressed by it that they became a strategic partner and now offer the system to their clients, who are accounting firms.

"You may have heard this before, but all progress really does begin with the truth. The truth in the Ambio360 will help you see what others think about your interpersonal skills within the workplace. That truth will be a catalyst to increasing your worth at the firm." – Sandra Wiley, Boomer Consulting, Inc., Accounting Management Consultants

lehmann "CircleSpring is the total package. Ambio360 Assessment, Interpersonal Skills and Problem Solving skills, what more could I ask for during such challenging economic times. When my communication skills must be at their very best, especially during one of the most trying times in our Nation’s history, CircleSpring came through. The Ambio360 gave my team the opportunity to help me validate communication areas that I needed to improve on, and the Interpersonal Skills and Problem Solving exercises helped me hone these skills to be a more effective communicator and leader, and kept us profitable. Thanks CircleSpring." – Larry B. Lehmann, Technology for Energy Corp., Director of Marketing and Sales

ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers uses the Ambio360 Classic for jumpstarting their volunteer leader's journey into Leadership Development.

We have also developed curricula for ASME's annual Leadership Training Conference in the areas of Selling Yourself in the Absence of Authority, Reaching Agreements that Work and customized Case Studies for promoting dialogue between participants and to facilitiate development of special events.

U-Nebraska The Ambio360 Classic is part of undergraduate Management courses at the University of Nebraska. Through the Ambio360, students develop leadership skills and interpersonal skills that give them a competitive advantage for student leadership positions as well as preparing them for their career after graduation.

"When I got my results, I thought that it was just who I was and I wasn't changing. Then, the next time I caught myself doing something I had received not-so-good feedback on, I stopped. So, the bottom line is that this system helps you improve whether you want to or not." – Laura Poeltl, Atlantic Merchant Services

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